2:04 am
Saturday, 15 May 2021
Jimmy Shand playing his Hohner Morino 3-row button accordion
After an audition with the BBC in 1933, Jimmy was turned-down by them because he kept time with his foot.




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Waltz Compositions by Sir Jimmy Shand, MBE, MA

TitleTime SignaturePublisher
Bob & Anne McIntosh's Ruby Wedding Waltz3/4Muchty Music
Bonnie Moira Anderson Waltz3/4 
Christine The Rose of Ledlation Waltz3/4Muchty Music
Danny & Janet Livingstone's Silver Wedding Waltz3/4 
Francis Wright Waltz3/4Muchty Music
Gillian's Waltz3/4 
Gina's Birthday Waltz3/4 
Heather Mixture Waltz3/4 
It's Grand Amongst Your Ain Folks Waltz3/4Muchty Music
Jimmy Shand Waltz3/4Muchty Music
Jock Slessor Cheyne Waltz3/4 
Lady Angela Alexander's Waltz3/4Stirling University Pubs.
Lass From Braco Waltz3/4Muchty Music
Lass From Glasgow Town Waltz3/4Bailey & Ferguson
Louisa's Promise Waltz3/4 
Lunan Bay Waltz3/4Kerrs
Memories of Willie Snaith Waltz3/4Muchty Music
Tom & Mary's Waltz3/4Muchty Music
Tom & Mrs Blamey's Waltz3/4Muchty Music

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