2:06 pm
Wednesday, 03 March 2021
Jimmy Shand playing his Hohner Morino 3-row button accordion
Jimmy's first band comprised of George McKelvey (piano accordion), Dave Ireland (fiddle), Owney McCabe (drums), Jimmy Shand (3-row button key accordion) and Johnny Knight (piano).




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Reel Compositions by Sir Jimmy Shand, MBE, MA

TitleTime SignaturePublisher
A Trip to Bowmore (Islay) Reel2/4Kerrs
Bessie Kemp Reel4/4 
Bett Wilson's Delight Reel4/4 
Bishophill Reel4/4 
Bobby Watson Reel2/4 
Braeside Reel4/4 
Breadalbane Reel2/4 
Claverhouse Reel2/4Kerrs
Elizabeth Harrison's Reel2/4 
George Clark's Reel2/4 
George Harrison's Reel2/4Muchty Music
Georgina MacDonald's Fancy Reel2/4 
Harveston Castle Reel2/4 
Helen Moore's Delight Reel2/4 
Huntly Reel2/4 
Ian Collie's Reel4/4 
Inverary Reel2/4Kerrs
Jedburgh Reel2/4 
Jimmy Shand Reel4/4Bailey & Ferguson
Jock Caskie's Reel4/4 
Joyce Moorcroft's Reel4/4Muchty Music
Kenneth McFadyen's Reel4/4 
Lochindore Castle Reel4/4 
Lucky Scap Reel4/4Kerrs
Michael Calder Reel4/4Bailey & Ferguson
Mrs Dorothy Tulloch's Reel4/4 
Myra Russell's Fancy Reel4/4 
Newcastle Reel4/4 
New Reel4/4 
Ormskirk Country Dancers Club Reel4/4 
Pat Shaw's Rant Reel2/4 
Pat Shaw's Tradition Reel2/4 
Sister Elder's Reel2/4Kerrs
St Andrews Parade Reel2/4 
Sunset on Calton Hill Reel2/4 
Tam o' Shanter Reel2/4 
Tom Elliot's Reel (Elliot's Fancy)4/4Mozart Allan
Tom Ireland's Reel2/4Newcastle College
Trinity Tensome Reel2/4 
Trip to Bowmore Reel2/4 
Tyneside Country Dancers Reel4/4Newcastle College
Vera Hughes Fancy Rant Reel4/4 
Violin Reel4/4 
Wandering Drummer (Owen McCabe) Reel2/4Kerrs
Wideford Hill Reel4/4Kerrs
Young Sandy Tulloch Reel4/4Kerrs

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