Recordings - made by Sir Jimmy Shand, MBE, MA

This is an autographed copy of an original programme for a BBC Radio recording of "Heather Mixture". The recording was made in November 1962 at the Queen Street Studios in Edinburgh for broadcasting on the BBC Light Programme in December 1962.

Jimmy hardly ever needed a re-take of the music, as his Band was always so precise in its playing.

A group of Scottish country dancers from the local dance clubs usually took part in these recording sessions and added atmosphere to the recording by dancing during the playing of the Band numbers.

On this particular evening the singing sisters, Anne and Laura Brand and the Joe Gordon Folk Four also joined-in with the dancers while Jimmy and the Band played the Lomond Waltz and the Gay Gordons.

These recording sessions were always very exciting and happy occasions!

Copy of the BBC Radio Recording of Heather Mixture, Edinburgh, 1962