4:04 am
Saturday, 15 May 2021
Jimmy Shand playing his Hohner Morino 3-row button accordion
Jimmy, as a solo performer and with his Band, sold millions of records during a career spanning more than 70 years.




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Parlophone PMC-Series Recordings by Jimmy Shand

1958PMC 1069, RPM 33O'er the Border
Side 1
  1. Reel
  2. The Duke of Atholl's Reel
  3. The Glasgow Highlanders
  4. The Reel of the 51st Division
  1. None So Pretty; Polly Stewart; Lord Randall's Bride
  2. Atholl Gathering; The Bugle Horn; The Soldier's Dance; The Glasgow Gaelic Club
  3. The Glasgow Highlanders; Lady Madelaine Sinclair; John MacAlpine; The Laird o' Drumblair; Earl Grey
  4. The Drunken Piper; Glengarry's March; Mount Stewart House
Side 2
  1. Hamilton House
  2. Hornpipe Selection
  3. The Double Foursome
  4. Waltz Country Dance
  5. Eightsome Reel
  1. Hamilton House; Sally Hunter; Old Rosin the Beau
  2. Victoria Hornpipe; Kirk's Hornpipe; The Storrers
  3. Highland Whisky; De'il Amang the Tailors; Reel of Tulloch
  4. Jock o' Hazeldean; My Love Is Like a Red Red Rose; Bonnie Dundee
  5. De'il Amang the Tailors; Staten Island; Speed the Plough; The Wind That Shakes the Barley; Mrs McLeod; Fairy Dance; The Breakdown; Soldier's Joy; Mason's Apron
1961PMC 1077, RPM 33The Immortal Memory - one track only
Side 1 Jimmy Shand and His Band
  1. A Tribute to Robert Burns
1961PMC 1122, RPM 33Step We Gaily
Side 1
  1. Reel
  2. Strathspey
  3. Waltz
  4. Jig
  5. Reel
  1. Mhairi's Wedding
  2. Jenny's Bawbee
  3. Waltz Country Dance
  4. Miss Mary Douglas
  5. The Duke of Perth
Side 2
  1. Jig
  2. Strathspey
  3. Reel
  4. Strathspey
  5. Jig
  1. Scottish Reform
  2. The Braes o' Tullymet
  3. Maxwell's Rant
  4. The Road to The Isles
  5. Machine Without Horses
1961PMC 1144, RPM 33Jimmy's Fancy
Side 1
  1. The White Cockade
  2. Jimmy's Fancy
  3. The Express
  4. La Tempete
  5. Jessie's Hornpipe
  1. The White Cockade; Davie Knick-Knack; Come Let Us Dance and Sing
  2. Lord Seaforth; Jessie Smith; Laird o' Drumblair; Mackenzie Hay
  3. The Ferry; Bugle Horn; The Scottish Horse; Lord Cathcart
  4. La Tempete; Miss Murray of Lintrose
  5. The Ton; O Gin I Were Where Gadie Rins; Miss Clementina Loughlan
Side 2
  1. Polka
  2. The Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh
  3. Donald Bane
  4. Waverley
  1. The Bluebell Polka
  2. The Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh; Birkhall
  3. Donald Bane; Highland Whisky; Fiddler's Joy
  4. The Lowland Lads Think They Are Fine; Colonel Ridley's Quickstep; Lady Charlotte Bruce; The Soldier's Dance
1961PMC 1210, RPM 33Awa Frae Hame
Side 1
  1. Reel
  2. Reel
  3. Strathspey
  4. Reel
  1. The Dundee Reel
  2. La Russe
  3. Scottish Ramble
  4. The Isle of Skye
Side 2
  1. Reel
  2. Reel
  3. Strathspey
  4. Reel
  1. Montgomery's Rant
  2. Petronella
  3. Madge Wildfire's Strathspey
  4. The Flowers of Edinburgh
1961PMC 1214, RPM 33Scottish Mixture - one track only
Side 1 Jimmy Shand and his Band
  1. With selected other performers
1965PMC 1263, RPM 33Back Hame Tae Auchtermuchty
Side 1  
  1. Scottish Country Dances
  2. The Reel of Glamis
  3. The Mason's Apron
  4. Off She Goes in The North
  5. The Royal Salute
  6. Jimmy Shand Jig
Side 2  
  1. Heather Mixture
  2. The Punch Bowl
  3. Argyll's Fancy
  4. Lord McLay's Reel
  5. Kendall's Hornpipe
  6. Elwyn's Fairy Glen

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