3:45 pm
Wednesday, 03 March 2021
Jimmy Shand playing his Hohner Morino 3-row button accordion
Jimmy and the Band released more records than Elvis Presley and the Beatles combined.




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Jig Compositions by Sir Jimmy Shand, MBE, MA

TitleTime SignaturePublisher
Alyth Burn Jig6/8Kerrs & RSCDS
Amber & Gold Jig6/8 
Andrew Gray of Duntrune Jig6/8 
Ann Eltham's Favourite Jig6/8 
Anne Cowan's Favourite Jig6/8 
Anster Fishermen Jig6/8 
Ben Lyon's Favourite Jig6/8 
Bessie Lee's Jig6/8 
Betty Fitchet Jig6/8 
Braidley's House Jig6/8 
Breda Ring's Fancy Jig6/8 
Bressay Sound Jig6/8Kerrs
Brinkie Brae Jig6/8Kerrs
Bunty Clark's Fancy Jig6/8Newcastle College
Carey Alexander's Jig6/8 
Castlebay Jig6/8 
Christine Danson Jig6/8 
Colliston Jig6/8 
Dalrymple Jig6/8Kerrs
David Anderson Shand Jig6/8 
David Phillips Jig6/8 
Davie Aitken's Favourite Jig6/8 
Davie Arnott's Jig6/8Muchty Music
Donal Ring's Jig6/8 
Duncan Capewell's Rant Jig6/8 
Dunrobin Jig6/8 
Eleanor Margaret Laing's Favourite Jig6/8 
Francis Gow's Favourite Jig6/8 
Gowan Hill Jig6/8 
Guid Luck Go Wi' Ye Jig6/8Mozart Allan
Heather Mixture Jig6/8Bailey & Ferguson
Jean Ireland's Jig6/8 
Jean McKinnon's Jig6/8 
Jessie Wright's Fancy Jig6/8 
Jim Quigley's Jig6/8 
Jimmy Shand's Compliments to Andrew Olsen Jig6/8 
Jimmy Shand's Compliments to John Mearns Jig6/8 
Jimmy Shand's Compliments to Torquil Niall MacFadyen Jig6/8 
Jimmy Urquhart's Choice Jig6/8 
Joe Hunter's Jig6/8Kerrs
Joyce Frew's Fancy Jig6/8Muchty Music
Kaly Shaw's Fancy Jig6/8 
Kinkell Braes Jig6/8 
Leila Powrie Jig6/8 
Lowrie Den Jig6/8 
Lucy Thomson's Rant Jig6/8 
Lumley Dew Jig6/8 
Maid of Bellvue Jig6/8Kerrs
Margaret Cook's Fancy Jig6/8 
Margaret Young's Jig6/8 
Mechanic's Jig6/8 
Miss Bunty Clark's Fancy Jig6/8Newcastle College
Miss Diane Margaret Shand's Jig6/8 
Miss Margaret Brown's Fancy Jig6/8 
Monkridge Lassies Jig6/8Kerrs
Mrs Christine Brown's Jig6/8 
Mrs Jimmy Shand's Fancy Jig6/8 
Mrs Margaret Innes Jig9/8Stirling University
Mrs Maurice Cramb Jig6/8Kerrs
Mrs Orlandi (or Jimmy Shand) Jig6/8Mozart Allan
New Jig6/8 
Newhaven Jig6/8 
Pat Cushnie's Jig6/8 
Pat Ryan's Jig6/8 
Queenie of Larkhill Jig6/8 
Robert Wilson Jig6/8 
Ruth Jappy's Fancy Jig6/8 
Salmon Leap Jig6/8 
Sarah's Fancy (Bryce Laing's Daughter) Jig6/8 
Scalloway Bay Jig6/8Kerrs
Stobhall Jig6/8Kerrs
Syd Chalmers Jig6/8Mozart Allan
Three Kings (Cullen) Jig6/8 
Tree Rock Jig6/8 
Trip to Hawick Jig6/8 

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