1:52 pm
Wednesday, 03 March 2021
Jimmy Shand playing his Hohner Morino 3-row button accordion
Jimmy always played with a straight face. The first time he was persuaded to smile during a TV performance, hundreds of viewers wrote to the newspaper claiming to have seen the momentous event.




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Craighall Sound Productions by Jimmy Shand

YearRecord No.Title
1968CS 7060Guid Luck Go Wi' Ye
1969 PCS 7086 Olde Tyme Night
1970 ZLP 2120 A Welcome From Jimmy Shand
1970 SZLP 2122 Jigtime With Jimmy Shand
1971 SZLP 2125 A Scottish Fancy
1971 SZLP 2127 Jimmy Shand Plays Olde Tyme
1972 SZLP 2131 The Legendary Jimmy Shand
1973 SZLP 2133 Waltzing With Jimmy Shand
1973 OU 2015 English Folk Dances
1973 DUO 110 The Jimmy Shand Story
1974 SZLP 2137 When Auld Friends Meet
1975 SZLP 2142 Come Dancing With Jimmy Shand
1975 MFP 50374 The Pride of Scotland
1976 SZLP 2147 Jimmy Shand Favourites
1977 NTS 120 The Sound of Shand
1977 NTS 132 A Man And His Music
1977 NTS 142 Best Wishes From Jimmy Shand
1979 GLN 1001 The Golden Years of Jimmy Shand
1979 GLN 1012 The New Sound of Jimmy Shand
1980 GLN 1017 A Tribute to Jimmy Shand
1981 GLN 1028 Scotland My Home
1982 WGR 042 Auchtermuchty Ceilidh
1983 MFP 5613 Magic Sounds of Jimmy Shand
1983 WGR 062 50 Years On
1986 MFP 4157514 Happy Hours With Jimmy Shand
1986 WGR TV1 Echoes in The Glen
1987 WGR TV3 At The End of a Perfect Day
1989 WGR TV13 The Last Ten Years
1992 WGR CD154 The One And Only Jimmy Shand
1993 TC 1037 Accordion World of Jimmy Shand

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