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Jimmy Shand playing his Hohner Morino 3-row button accordion
Jimmy frequently played in fund-raising events for the miners during the strike of 1926. But he vowed never to go back to work in the coalmines after the strike was over.




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Books - about Sir Jimmy Shand, MBE, MA

  1. Title: Jimmy Shand
    Author: David Phillips,
    Published: 1976
    ISBN: 0 90280 405 7

  2. Title: The Jimmy Shand Story
    Author: Ian Cameron
    Foreword: by Robbie Shepherd
    Published: 1998 in hardback
    Publisher: Scottish Cultural Press
    ISBN: 1 84017 019 0

    The Jimmy Shand Story gives a unique insight into the make-up of the man.

    Rarely has Jimmy spoken so openly about his personal life; his achievements and disappointments; his family and friends; his early struggles and his life after retirement. It is a fascinating account of an incredible person.

    The book is packed with anecdotes from Jimmy's life collected from other famous Scottish Country Dance Band leaders. Each anecdote serves to demonstrate his keen sense of humour and how human and very popular the man was.

    It shows how his contemporaries held him in the highest regard and how royalty, the media, fellow entertainers and the worldwide public loved the man and his music.

    The book is thoughtfully written by Ian Cameron and is an inspiration to dancers, band leaders, musicians, composers and everyone who reads it.

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