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Saturday, 15 May 2021
Jimmy Shand playing his Hohner Morino 3-row button accordion
After an audition with the BBC in 1933, Jimmy was turned-down by them because he kept time with his foot.




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Beltona BL-Series Recordings by Jimmy Shand

YearRecord No.TitleTunesRPM

James Shand (accordion) Margaret Low (piano)
1934BL 2229Side 1 - Irish Jigs
Side 2 - Folk Waltz
Blackthorn Stick; Rory O'More; Dublin Jig
Ashgrove; Jenny Jones
1934BL 2230Side 1 - Irish Jigs
Side 2 - M/S/R
Donnybrook Boy; Humours of Donnybrook; Paddy O'Rafferty
The Burning Sands of Egypt; Stirling Castle; Torryburn Lassies
1938BL 2231Side 1 - Hornpipes
Side 2 - Slow Air
Arthur's Seat; Eugene Stratton; Banks
The Bonnie Lass o' Bon Accord
1938BL 2232Side 1 - M/S/R
Side 2 - Eightsome Reel
Balmoral Highlanders; Jessie Smith; Rachel Rae
The Mason's Apron; The Breakdown; Mrs McLeod
1938BL 2233Side 1 - Circassian Circle
Side 2 - M/S/R
When I Look Back at Bonnie Aberdeen; Kate Dalrymple
Miss Elspeth Campbell; Huntly's Farewell; Captain Keillor
1938BL 2234Side 1 - Schottische
Side 2 - M/S/R
The Thistle
Atholl Highlanders Farewell; Macduff Castle; Speed the Plough
1938BL 2290Side 1 - Shandy Gaff
Side 2 - Shandy Gaff
(first half pint)
(second half pint)
1938BL 2291The Palais Glide
The Dancing Dustman Two Step
1938BL 2292Side 1 - A Curn Orra Trocks
Side 2 - A Curn Orra Trocks
The Garb of Old Gaul; The Kirrie Kebbuck; The Fairy Dance
Atholl & Breadalbane; Earl Grey; The Mason's Apron
1938BL 2293Side 1 - Waltzes
Side 2 - Marches
Wind on the Heath; Dark Lochnagar; Bonnie Strathyre
Atholl & Breadalbane; Queen's Welcome to Invercauld; Dornoch Links
1938BL 2294Side 1 - Varied Foxtrot
Side 2 - Waltz
Happy Hours
1938BL 2300Side 1 - Steerabout
Side 2 - Steerabout
Haste to the Wedding; Roaring Jelly; Father O'Flynn
Jock O' Hazeldean; Why Left I My Hame?; O Gin I Were a Baron's Heir;
When You & I Were Young Maggie; Will Ye No Come Back Again
1938BL 2313Side 1 - Scott Skinner by Shand
Side 2 - Schottische
Lord Huntly's Cave; Mackenzie Hay; Spey in Spate
The Bellman
1938BL 2314Side 1 - Caul' Kail Het Again
Side 2 - Shand's Special Irish
Australian Ladies; South of the Grampians; Roll Her On the Hill
Eileen Alannah; Oft in the Stilly Night
1938BL 2315Side 1 - Shand's Special Scotch
Side 2 - Schottische
Logie o' Buchan; Robin Adair; Up In the Morning Early; Comin' Thro' the Rye
The Lad wi' the Plaidie; The Smith's a Gallant Fireman; Duncan Davidson

James Shand (accordion solo)
1938BL 2328Side 1 - Scott Skinner by Shand
Side 2 - Waltz
Braemar Highlanders; Laird o' Thrums; Angus Campbell
Listening Waltz
1938BL 2329Side 1 - Scotch Fingering
Side 2 - Barn Dance
Abercairney Highlanders; Miller o' Hirn; High Road to Linton
Impudence Barn Dance

James Shand (accordion) Margaret Low (piano)
1938BL 2330Side 1 - Shand Marches On
Side 2 - Shand Selection
Sweet Maid of Glendaruel; Loch Leven Castle
The Rheinish Peasant

James Shand (accordion) Joe Mooney (piano)
1938BL 2356Side 1 - St Bernard's Waltz
Side 2 - For Tap Dancing
Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms; I Lo'e A Lassie; Lunan Bay
Piper's Wedding; Lancashire Clogs
1938BL 2357Side 1 - Athlone Jigs
Side 2 - Scott Skinner by Shand
Irish Washerwoman; Connaughtman's Rambles; Irish Whiskey
Lovat Scouts; Forbes Morrison; Thrums Cairn
1938BL 2358Side 1 - Highland Pastoral
Side 2 - Hills of Home
79th's Farewell to Gibralter; Lady Charlotte Campbell; Lady Montgomery
Willie McLennan; Master Francis Sitwell; Inver Lasses
1938BL 2359Side 1 - Inchcape Selection
Side 2 - Girdleness Hornpipes
Crags o' Lundie; Ballochmyle Brig; Lord MacDonald
The Wonder; The Teetotaller; The Washington

James Shand with Jim & Mae Cameron
1938BL 2360Side 1 - Targe and Claymore
Side 2 - Bonnet and Plaidie
Pibroch o' Donal Dhu; Rock and Wee Pickle Tow; Mary Cameron
Bluebells of Scotland and variations; Lochearn
1938BL 2361Side 1 - The Fair Maid
Side 2 - Bonnet and Plaidie
Miss Dorothy Stewart; Willie Cook; Duke o' Perth
Bluebells of Scotland and variations; Lochearn
1938BL 2382Side 1 - St Bernard's Waltz
Side 2 - Listening Waltz
Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms; I Lo'e Nae Lassie But Ane; Lunan Bay

James Shand (accordion) Margaret Low (piano) Len Kidd (drums)
1939BL 2393Side 1 - Grand Old Duke of York
Side 2 - Soft Shoe Dance
Coals for Dysart; Tavern in the Town
Lilly of Laguna; Shine On Harvest Moon
1939BL 2394Side 1 - Rocky Mountain Medley
Side 2 - Rocky Mountain Medley
She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain; Can I Sleep in Your Barn?; Hand Me Down My Walking Cane
Chicken Reel; Turkey in The Straw
1939BL 2395Side 1 - Blue Ridge Medley
Side 2 - The Grampians Grand March
De Ole Banjo; Kingdom Comin'; O Susannah!
Stonehaven March; Scotland the Brave
1939BL 2396Side 1 - Waltzes
Side 2 - The Gay Gordons
Colorado Sunset; On the Sunny Side of the Rockies; Home on the Range
Mackenzie Highlanders; Glengarry March; 74th Highlanders
1939BL 2397Side 1 - Foxtrot (with variations)
Side 2 - The Jiggin'
Larry O'Gaff; Paddy O'Carroll; St Patrick's Day
1939BL 2398Side 1 - 6/8 Marches
Side 2 - Yodelling Waltz
Lochiel's Welcome to Glasgow; Glendaruel Highlanders; Donald's Awa' to the War
The Cobbler

James Shand (accordion) George Cuthbert (guitar)
1941BL 2434Side 1 - The Angus Doddies
Side 2 - The Angus Doddies
Rose of Allandale; Scotland Yet; Jessie's Dream
MacDonald's March; Johnny Cope; Piper's Cave
1941BL 2435Side 1 - March, Strathspey & Reel
Side 2 - March, Strathspey & Reel
Call to Banff; Brechin Castle; The Apple Tree
Argyllshire Gathering; Lady MacBeth; Marquis of Tullibardine
1941BL 2436Side 1 - Hornpipes
Side 2 - 6/8 Marches
Bervie Brig; Master Erskine Shand
Kenmure's Up an' Awa'; Glasgow Gaelic Club; Midlothian Pipe Band
1941BL 2437Side 1 - Marches
Side 2 - Hornpipes
Lord Lovat's Lament; Thrums March
Johnstone Hornpipe; The Trumpet; The Locomotive
1941BL 2438Side 1 - Waltzes
Side 2 - Polka
My Heart Is Sair; Nut Brown Maiden; Whistle O'er the Lave O't; Rothesay Bay
The Bluebell Polka
1941BL 2439Side 1 - The Angus Doddies
Side 2 - The Angus Doddies
The Balkan Hills; Auld Brig O' Ayr; Jenny Dang the Weaver
John MacDonald of Glencoe; Arthur Bignold of Lochrosque
1941BL 2440Side 1 - Set Dance
Side 2 - The Angus Doddies
Jacky Tar; Davie Knick Knack; Goodnight and Joy be Wi' Ye
The Stone Outside Dan Murphy's Door; Dan the Cobbler

James Shand (accordion) George Scott-Wood (piano) Owen McCabe (drums)
1942BL 2446Side 1 - The Buchan Humlies
Side 2 - The Buchan Humlies
The Stool of Repentance; Lady Nellie Wemyss; Sorry to Part
The Borderers; Dumbarton's Drums; Invercauld
1942BL 2447Side 1 - Marches
Side 2 - Marches
Glengarry Gathering; Renfrewshire Militia; Lochaber Gathering
Bonawe Highlanders; Bonnie Dundee
1942BL 2448Side 1 - Marches
Side 2 - Marches
Willie MacGregor; Captain Campbell; The Drummer
Stirlingshire Militia; Braes o' Glenlivet; Cock o' the North
1942BL 2449Side 1 - The Buchan Humlies
Side 2 - The Buchan Humlies
When the Battle's O'er; Auchmountain's Bonnie Glen
Green Hills of Tyrol; Dovecot Park
1942BL 2450Side 1 - Ploughman's Love
Side 2 - Peter-Dick Jigs
O Gin I Were a Baron's Heir; Memories; Kirkconnel Lea; Ye Banks and Braes
The Irish Jig; Irish Girl; The Kinnegad Slashers
1942BL 2451Side 1 - The Buchan Humlies
Side 2 - Waltz Medley
The Pap of Glencoe; Mrs Stewart of Grantully
Kelvingrove; Jock o' Hazeldean; Green Grow the Rashes O; Laird o' Cockpen; Bonnie Brier Bush
1942BL 2452Side 1 - Pride of Erin
Side 2 - Cupid's Whispers
Irish Jauntin' Car; Terence's Farewell; Cockles and Mussels; Kitty of Coleraine
A Rosebud By My Early Walk; Leezie Lindsay; My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose
1942BL 2453Side 1 - Canadian Barn Dance
Side 2 - Folk Dance
Dark-Eyed Dinah
Floo'ers o' Edinburgh; Staten Island; Lord Rendall's Bride
1942BL 2454Side 1 - Happy to Meet
Side 2 - Sorry to Part
74th's Farewell to Edinburgh; 5th Battalion Dundee Home Guard
Mist Covered Mountains; Burning of The Piper's Hut; KOSB's March to the Somme
1942BL 2455Side 1 - The "Gie" Gordons
Side 2 - The Henshine Circle Waltz
The Gay Gordons; Cameron Highlanders; Bonny Banchory
My Home; The Highland Cradle Song; The Rowan Tree
1942BL 2456Side 1 - Crackaboot Scottish Quickstep
Side 2 - St Valery Reel
Why Left I My Hame?; There Was a Lad; A Man's a Man; O A' the Airts
Victoria Hornpipe; Kirk's Hornpipe; The Storrers
1942BL 2457Side 1 - Rik-Ma-Ree Medley
Side 2 - Rik-Ma-Tick
Colonel Robertson; Cold Wind From Ben Wyvis
Captain McNeil; Heilan' Whisky; Mrs McLeod
1942BL 2458Side 1 - Folk Dance
Side 2 - The Diddler's Delight Strathspeys
Glasgow Highlanders; Lady Madeline Sinclair; John McAlpine
Mrs Dorothy Tulloch; 72nd Highlanders Farewell to Edinburgh
1942BL 2459Side 1 - Giff for Gaff
Side 2 - Bonnie Bon-Accord
Millbank Cottage; Stumpie; Kate Dalrymple
Duke of Roxburgh; The Highland Brigade at Tel-el-Kebir
1942BL 2460Side 1 - Douce Dundee Pipe March
Side 2 - Pooer Oot! March
Duchess of Edinburgh; Sandy Cameron; Raigmore House
Highland Wedding; Kenmure's Up an' Awa'
1942BL 2471Side 1 - Strip the Willow
Side 2 - Strathmore Whirl Strathspeys
Muckin' o' Geordie's Byre; Jean Ireland; Jackson's Jig
Lady MacBeth; Maggie Cameron; The De'il in the Kitchen
1942BL 2481Side 1 - A Hill Billy Round-Up
Side 2 - A Hill Billy Round-Up
Ol' Faithful; Empty Saddles
Sunset Trail; Roll Along Covered Wagon; Take Me Back to My Boots and Saddle

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